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"The hole you receive through is only ever as big as the hole you give through..."

How Re:purpose Initiative Works

The Re:purpose Initiative's mission is to provide a way for impact-driven entrepreneurs to leverage the knowledge, expertise, and experience of their peers. We do this through three main pillars: 
  • Member Provided Training
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching
  • Access to Community Relationships and Accountability
By harnessing the power of the group, we are able to get the EXACT information we need, EXACTLY when we need it most to move our business forward. Imagine having access to literally tens of millions of dollars in training and coaching for one low monthly cost!
This is NOT a traditional "leads group" or "networking group." It's really not even a traditional mastermind group. Think of it more as a mastermind group on steroids. The focus is on giving of your own knowledge and experience for the betterment of the group and in return, you will have the ability to access the collective knowledge of the entire community.

Overview of the Member's Portal

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